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Let's Talk Voice and Data!

Where Your ISP is Falling Short When it Comes to VoIP and Disaster Recovery

Tim May on 10/31/2018

Internet service providers used to do one thing – provide internet access. In the early days, this consisted primarily of dial-up. Like all things technology, internet service offerings advanced. Access paths got faster and less expensive. Most added some flavor of broadband and high-speed dedicated access. The big differentiator, though, was whether or not the ISP was selling their own service to clients or reselling someone else’s service.

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Topics: VoIP, Disaster Recovery

Can You Have Disaster Recovery for Voice with PRI?

Tim May on 10/16/2018

As voice services continue to migration from traditional to VoIP, questions arise about bridging that gap. One of the more frequent questions we receive surrounds DR for voice using a PRI. Can it be done?

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Topics: Disaster Recovery

Why Data Center Services and Metro Ethernet are a Marriage Made in Heaven

Tim May on 10/03/2018

The cloud is here and has been for several years now. Businesses we encounter are moving more applications and services to the cloud every day. Whether it’s a CRM, ERP, accounting, or other program, reliance on the cloud is greater now than ever before. Why, then, are businesses still hosting servers internally?

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Topics: business internet, metro ethernet

VoIP Quality of Service Over Metro Ethernet

Tim May on 09/18/2018

As a Voice over IP provider, one of the most common questions we hear is, 

“What kind of call quality can we expect with VoIP?”

While it may seem a simple enough question (and a good one to ask), the answer is “it depends”. There are several factors which contribute to the quality of a VoIP call. Keep reading to learn more.

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Topics: Quality of Service, Internet Access

Beware Low Cost Metro Ethernet Providers

Tim May on 07/09/2018

Caveat emptor is the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for ensuring the quality, reliability, or suitability of goods and services prior to executing a purchase. Colloquially, it means buyer beware.

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Topics: business internet, metro ethernet

The Importance of Upload in High-Speed Internet Connections

Tim May on 06/28/2018

Every internet connection offers two speeds – download and upload. These speeds may be different or the same depending on the type of internet connection.
Broadband services like cable and DSL have different download than upload speed, while dedicated access circuits like T1 and Metro Ethernet offer the same speed in both directions.

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Topics: business internet

Should Businesses be Using Wireless Internet Access?

Tim May on 06/19/2018

In our guide, “Data Failover and Redundancy,” we talk about how businesses can leverage wireless access solutions in a backup, or failover capacity. We’re often asked, however, if businesses should be looking at wireless internet access options as their primary link.

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Topics: business internet

Understanding the Importance of Homed Networks

Tim May on 05/31/2018

In our guide, “Internet Failover and Redundancy,” we talk about primary and secondary internet access paths, alternate routes, SD-WAN, and how 4G LTE plays as part of those solutions.

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Topics: business internet

Can 4G LTE Be Utilized in an SD-WAN Environment?

Tim May on 04/23/2018

As SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) continues its assault on traditional MPLS architectures, more and more CIO’s and Network Engineers are looking at ways to leverage and maximize the benefits of an SD-WAN architecture.

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Topics: SD-WAN, business internet

4G LTE Basics and Benefits for Business Internet and Cloud

Tim May on 04/12/2018

As demand for internet and cloud-based services continue to increase, so must the bandwidth and connection options which support it.

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Topics: cloud, business internet

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