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The 4 biggest mistakes when choosing a business phone system

Brittany Feda on 01/26/2016

Choosing a business phone system can be daunting, especially for non-technical people. Why? Because business phone systems are big ticket items that typically only need replacing or upgrading every ten to fifteen years. Oftentimes, the phone system outlasts the people who originally had it installed.

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Topics: Voice over IP, HPBX, Business Phone System, Premise-based PBX

Hosted PBX Versus Premise-based PBX

Brittany Feda on 01/16/2015

Hosted PBX(also called an HBPX) is a cloud-based service. The equipment required for running the system is located at the service provider's location. A service provider bills clients monthly for a phone system. In a premise-based PBX, the equipment of the entire IP (or digital) phone system is located at the client's site.

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Business Class Broadband Versus Dedicated Access

Brittany Feda on 06/26/2014

As more and more services migrate to the cloud, so does the need for increased bandwidth. While still viewed as a relatively commoditized service, the speed and quality can (and do) vary by provider. Understanding how your internet bandwidth is provided will not only help you make better buying decisions, but will also help educate on the value versus commodity of bandwidth.

Not all internet access service is created equally. There are two main types of internet access: broadband and dedicated access.

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Topics: Quality of Service, Internet Access

Evolution of N2Net

Brittany Feda on 06/19/2014

Call today to learn more about N2Net and our service offerings.

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SIP Trunking Diagram

Brittany Feda on 03/14/2014

If you're looking into switching to SIP, you may be wondering "What is SIP Trunking?"

So we've put together a visual diagram to show you how SIP Trunking works in the most fundamental way!

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Topics: Infographic, SIP Trunking

Switching to SIP Trunking: The 3 E’s Checklist

Brittany Feda on 01/23/2014

          Thinking of switching your PBX to SIP Trunking? This SIP Trunking checklist is here to help you! As with most business decisions, making the right choice means examining your current situation, establishing your needs, and evaluating your options. In order to make the leap to SIP Trunking you need to know what you’re gettingyourself into, what you’re looking to get out of it, and if your business is ready to take the plunge into the wonderful world of VoIP! Switching to IP telephony is quickly becoming a global trend, but is it right for you?  Here we have provided a quick and easy SIP trunk checklist of questions and information needed to help guide your decision making process for switching to SIP :

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