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Let's Talk Voice and Data!

Where Your ISP is Falling Short When it Comes to VoIP and Disaster Recovery

Tim May on 10/31/2018

Internet service providers used to do one thing – provide internet access. In the early days, this consisted primarily of dial-up. Like all things technology, internet service offerings advanced. Access paths got faster and less expensive. Most added some flavor of broadband and high-speed dedicated access. The big differentiator, though, was whether or not the ISP was selling their own service to clients or reselling someone else’s service.

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Can You Have Disaster Recovery for Voice with PRI?

Tim May on 10/16/2018

As voice services continue to migration from traditional to VoIP, questions arise about bridging that gap. One of the more frequent questions we receive surrounds DR for voice using a PRI. Can it be done?

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How Does Business Continuity Work With VoIP?

Tim May on 01/11/2018

Business continuity and disaster recovery have been hot-button issues for years, but primarily around data. Companies have long incorporated disaster recovery programs and processes for their servers and PC’s, but few had incorporated voice as part of their disaster recovery planning.

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Topics: VoIP, Disaster Recovery

Leveraging Hosted PBX For Voice Disaster Recovery

Tim May on 09/27/2017

Tape backup in a fire-proof safe moved off-site is the way most businesses used to handle disaster recovery (DR). When it came to their business phone system, battery backup units were the typical best practice of the day. But now, as more services move across data networks to the cloud, disaster recovery, especially for business telephony, isn’t what it once was.

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Northeast Ohio Businesses Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plan

Tim May on 01/11/2017

Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plans allow your business to remain open even when the doors are shut due to an unforeseen disaster or event. If you operate a business in Ohio, you may be susceptible to snow or flooding, so it’s important to plan for what you will do if your building, plant or store is not accessible.

This type of planning is often referred to as a continuity of operations plans, or COOP, and includes all facets of your business. Understanding the risks your company faces is important in assessing if disaster recovery is right for you. Read on to learn about the 5 reasons why you should have Disaster Recovery Services for your business.

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Detailed Telecom Disaster Recovery Checklist

Mark Pike on 09/07/2016

The computer-telecommunications division of a company is traditionally hit the hardest in the event of a disaster. Also, the computer and telecommunications system gains a greater sense of importance in the event of a disaster: If computers and phones go down, a business is cut off from the rest of the world.

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The Essential Disaster Recovery Checklist For Every Business

Mark Pike on 08/31/2016

An investment in disaster recovery is like buying an insurance policy on your business continuity.  A disaster paralyzing your company is about the only thing no business owner expects. So, for those forward-thinkers in the business world, we created this quick and simple checklist to make sure you’re prepared for a disaster that is thrown your way (regardless of size or scope).

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Fiber Cut Tests the Disaster Preparedness of Local Businesses

Mark Pike on 05/10/2016

How many times have we seen or heard the plights of disaster victims in the national media? Why doesn't this give us pause to plot our disaster recovery plan rather than convincing ourselves it couldn't happen to us? Well, this week the residents of Northeast Ohio had to look no further than our own backyard to see the effects of a telecommunications disaster (see the map of affected areas highlighted in yellow).

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Topics: Disaster Recovery, Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plan, Data-System Back-Up

Survival Without Phone or Internet? Time for a Disaster recovery Plan

Mark Pike on 04/21/2016

Disasters occur everyday. One of the most impactful and memorable natural disasters was Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Hitting the east coast with a brute force spanning 1,100 miles and affecting 24 states and thousands of businesses, Hurricane Sandy destroyed company structures, inventories,  and paper records. Plus, there was something else lost that not many companies considered: voice and data information.

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