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Let's Talk Voice and Data!

Why MSPs Love PDIA for VoIP

Tim May on 01/23/2018

Talk to any owner of a Managed Service Provider business about Voice over IP (VoIP) and you’ll hear a horror story or two. We’ve certainly heard our share.

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Internet Makes or Breaks VoIP

Tim May on 01/08/2018

It seems like an obvious statement; internet makes or breaks VoIP, but it’s still the most common reason for VoIP issues in Corporate America today.

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3 Most Common Internet-Related VoIP Issues

Tim May on 12/21/2017

When it comes to Voice over IP (VoIP), there’s plenty which can go wrong, and having been in the VoIP services business for many years, we tend to see the same issues pop up over and over. Below, we’ll review the three most common issues we deal with so you’ll know what to watch out for when you deploy a VoIP solution for you or one of your customers.

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MSPs Losing Money Supporting Third-Party Solutions

Tim May on 12/18/2017

As the trusted voice partner of many MSPs, we regularly hear all the horror stories about a former vendor, partner, or third-party supplier who promised the world only to fail miserably when it came time to deliver.

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VoIP Can Be Low-Touch High-Margin for MSPs

Tim May on 12/12/2017

We work with a lot of Managed Service Providers, and the one common theme among them is their desire to focus on providing maximum value to their clients within their core focus, and find reliable, trustworthy partners to provide services outside of their main business area. Secondarily, they want to increase revenue and profitability in all areas of their businesses.

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How MSPs Can Find Profit Selling Third Party Products

Tim May on 12/04/2017

Managed Service Providers can’t do it all, which is why over 90% say they rely on partners to help augment services to their clients. The problem – profitability on third-party products. Many of the MSPs with whom we speak rave about their partners, but when the questions about client satisfaction, support, and value subside, we all too often hear frustration with the fact that they’re simply not making any money for their company in many of their partner arrangements.

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How SIP Trunking Can Add Revenue for MSPs

Tim May on 11/14/2017

If you’re unfamiliar, SIP stands for “Session Initiated Protocol,” and is the primary protocol used to establish a voice communication session on a data network.

SIP Trunking is a service offered by VoIP providers like N2Net which replaces the traditional phone line in a business and allows voice traffic to traverse the data line instead. Whereas the traditional telephone line is a physical wire attaching to a plug, a SIP Trunk is a virtual path which uses the company’s internet connection.

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Cloud-Based Voice Can’t Guarantee Call Quality Regardless of the System or Vendor

Tim May on 10/31/2017

The number one issue keeping businesses wary of hosted telephony is the lack of a guarantee when it comes to call quality. System manufacturers have always been primarily focused on delivering features. Whether it be Cisco, Shoretel, Avaya, 8x8, Digium, Altigen, or any of the other major players in the IP telephony space, it doesn’t matter. They are system manufacturers who build platforms. They aren’t carriers.

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Voice Services Turning into Billing Nightmares for MSPs

Tim May on 10/19/2017

Billing issues are exactly that – issues. Every business owner across every industry has had to deal with them at one time or another. Billing issues can arise for any number of reasons; clients disputing time spent on a project, accruing overuse or unexpected charges, being double billed, etc. The list of potential issues is long, but regardless of what the issues are, they have the potential to wreak more havoc on the business and client relationship than any other.

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3 Things MSPs Need to Know About Hosted PBX

Tim May on 10/04/2017

As more and more Managed Service Providers consider adding Hosted PBX services to their list of products. It’s important to know where HPBX is great and where you may run into issues. Below are the top three things MSPs need to know about offering HPBX services to their clients.

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