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Hosted PBX or Premise-Based System? What Every MSP Should Know

Tim May on 09/15/2017

With everybody and their brother pushing Hosted PBX services, why even consider an IP-based system? In this article, we’ll take a high-level look at the major differences and benefits of each.

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Topics: hosted PBX, Premise-based PBX, MSP

Why MSPs Aren’t Yet Fully Leveraging the Cloud for Their Clients

Tim May on 09/05/2017


Managed Service Providers today operate much differently than they did a few years ago, due in large part to the proliferation of the cloud and virtualization. At many businesses, thin clients have replaced expensive desktop PC’s, and Virtual Servers and virtual services now handle much of the heavy lifting such as file sharing and application management. Even with the advancements in business computing, MSP’s aren’t fully leveraging the power of the cloud.

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Topics: Toshiba Phone Systems, Business Phone System, Premise-based PBX, MSP, Avaya, cloud

What Message is Avaya and Toshiba Sending to MSPs?

Tim May on 08/29/2017


Earlier this year, telecommunications giant, Avaya, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Three months ago, Toshiba announced plans to shut down its business phone division, leaving dealers across the nation shocked and scrambling to come up with alternative solutions. Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba America Information Systems’ (TAIS) Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD), sent a letter to dealers notifying them of the shutdown.  Read More

Topics: Toshiba Phone Systems, Business Phone System, Premise-based PBX, MSP, Avaya

What MSPs are Missing When it Comes to Premise-Based IP Phone Systems

Tim May on 08/22/2017


When it comes to IP phone systems, Managed Service Providers are missing opportunities to increase value to their clients in a variety of ways.

The Issue
IP phone systems are replacing traditional systems for a variety of reasons. The primary of which is feature sets. IP systems provide a much richer set of features than a traditional business phone system, including IVR, enhanced voicemail, and advanced call routing options. Like their older cousins, premise-based IP phone systems are largely being ignored by managed service providers. Why? Typically, it’s because the phone system is still managed and supported by the manufacturer or manufacturers rep who provided it. The MSP may simply see it as a device on the network. Understanding a bit more about how premise-based phone systems are architected may offer the MSP additional opportunities to add value to the relationship with their client and add profit to their bottom line.

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The 4 biggest mistakes when choosing a business phone system

Brittany Feda on 01/26/2016

Choosing a business phone system can be daunting, especially for non-technical people. Why? Because business phone systems are big ticket items that typically only need replacing or upgrading every ten to fifteen years. Oftentimes, the phone system outlasts the people who originally had it installed.

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