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Where Your ISP is Falling Short When it Comes to VoIP and Disaster Recovery

Tim May on 10/31/2018

Internet service providers used to do one thing – provide internet access. In the early days, this consisted primarily of dial-up. Like all things technology, internet service offerings advanced. Access paths got faster and less expensive. Most added some flavor of broadband and high-speed dedicated access. The big differentiator, though, was whether or not the ISP was selling their own service to clients or reselling someone else’s service.

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Topics: VoIP, Disaster Recovery

VoIP Enabling Greater Value to Clients in Professional Services

Tim May on 03/15/2018

As technology advances and professional services firms invest in that technology, the question must be asked – “How will this provide greater value to our clients?” All too often, especially as it relates to technology, businesses adopt a technology because it’s the new, cool, latest thing. They may also feel like they have to in order to stay ahead of their competition. Many in professional services look for the ROI in a technology expense internally. They see a new HR software expense as a way to streamline and reduce overhead, thereby reducing total expense over time.

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How VoIP is Impacting Business Mobility

Tim May on 02/13/2018

As we discussed in our white paper, “Unified Communications and Mobility,” VoIP is at the heart of how mobility is impacted in corporate America.

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Topics: VoIP, unified communications, business internet

How Businesses are Economizing with VoIP and Dedicated Internet Access

Tim May on 01/31/2018

Phone systems and services were once large capital expenses married to expensive monthly service. The system dealer would take their pound of flesh in the beginning, and the phone company took theirs every month following.

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Topics: VoIP, Dedicated Internet Access

Why MSPs Love PDIA for VoIP

Tim May on 01/23/2018

Talk to any owner of a Managed Service Provider business about Voice over IP (VoIP) and you’ll hear a horror story or two. We’ve certainly heard our share.

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Topics: VoIP, MSP, pdia

How Does Business Continuity Work With VoIP?

Tim May on 01/11/2018

Business continuity and disaster recovery have been hot-button issues for years, but primarily around data. Companies have long incorporated disaster recovery programs and processes for their servers and PC’s, but few had incorporated voice as part of their disaster recovery planning.

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Topics: VoIP, Disaster Recovery

Internet Makes or Breaks VoIP

Tim May on 01/08/2018

It seems like an obvious statement; internet makes or breaks VoIP, but it’s still the most common reason for VoIP issues in Corporate America today.

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Topics: VoIP, MSP

Why VoIP Phones Have More Problems Than Traditional Phones

Tim May on 01/03/2018

As a VoIP provider, we hear all sorts of different concerns from MSPs and clients on a variety of issues. While we tend to focus on service-related issues it doesn’t mean other issues don’t come up. In fact, we field quite a few questions and concerns around VoIP phones and problems with the physical handset. Below, we’ll share with you a few basics about VoIP phones and some common issues associated with them.

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Topics: VoIP

3 Most Common Internet-Related VoIP Issues

Tim May on 12/21/2017

When it comes to Voice over IP (VoIP), there’s plenty which can go wrong, and having been in the VoIP services business for many years, we tend to see the same issues pop up over and over. Below, we’ll review the three most common issues we deal with so you’ll know what to watch out for when you deploy a VoIP solution for you or one of your customers.

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Topics: VoIP, MSP

How VoIP Is Benefiting Health Services

Tim May on 12/15/2017

While Voice over IP (VoIP) is beneficial to a variety of industries, certain industries tend to benefit more than others simply because of the nature of the businesses associated with it. Healthcare services is one of these industries. From hospitals to elder care facilities and skilled/home nursing, VoIP is proving itself an invaluable technology asset in the world of healthcare.

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Topics: VoIP, health services

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