Ethernet Plus+
More Than an Internet Connection

Metro Ethernet is one of the most ubiquitous internet services available in today’s marketplace with good reason. Ethernet service offers businesses:

  • Always-On, High-Speed Access
  • Same Speed Bidirectionally (Upload and Download)
  • Service Level Guarantees
  • Competitive Pricing on Both Copper and Fiber-based Access
  • Burstable Bandwidth Options
  • On-Demand Bandwidth Increases (for Fiber-Based Ethernet)
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Starting at $499/mo for qualifying customers, N2Net’s Ethernet Plus+ program allows new customers to add their own value on top of all the already amazing benefits listed above.

With Ethernet Plus+, customers may choose any one of the following services to bundle with their Ethernet connection at no additional cost.

  • 5-Seat Hosted PBX Installation. In addition to the full set of HPBX features, each seat includes:
    • A Dedicated Phone Number (DID)
    • Unlimited Local Calling
    • Unlimited Long Distance
    • Dedicated Call Path
  • Disaster Recovery PBX, which includes:
    • Auto Attendant
    • Dedicated Phone Number (DID)
    • Audio Conference Room for up to 10 Users (Think Strategy)
    • Up to 3 Custom Designed Business Departments Pointed to DR Queues
    • Dedicated Phone Number for Each Business Department (Above)
    • Backup Call Routing and Forwarding
    • Voicemail to Email
  • Disaster Recovery SIP Trunk – Single Trunk with 10 Call Paths Configured to Fail Over to the Option of Your Choice
  • Data Center Services – Virtual Server or Space to Store one of Your Own
  • 50GB of Offsite Data Center Backup

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