Business Class Internet Services Individualized & Interpreted for You!

Future clients regularly allude to the problems with their Internet service. We'll show you how we've addressed some of those concerns below.

Challenge: The internet at my office moves slower than pond water.

Answer: You might have what's called "best effort" internet service. "Best effort" services can oversubscribe, or sell more bandwidth than they have available. This can cause congestion which means your ("up to") 25 mbps internet service sometimes operates at 5 mpbs. N2Net offers Metro Ethernet service with guaranteed speed for every business, from 3 mbps to 1 Gbps.

Challenge: Spotty, inconsistent, and erratic are all words I'd use to describe my internet connection.

Answer: Disasters, human error, and equipment failure can all create unwanted outages. In order to minimize outages, we can supply you with the blazing fast Metro Ethernet described above equipped with a "fall-over" to a T1 internet connection. When you experience problems with your Metro Ethernet connection, the control of data and applications will automatically "fall-over" to your secondary T1 system so you're always connected and ready to do business.

Challenge: I want the freedom to use the internet without constantly worrying about security risks.

Answer: Data security is immensely important in our increasingly digital society. At N2Net we can defend your data by managing a firewall with specific security features. For example, we have the ability to protect employees against virus downloads while web surfing by blocking hidden backdoor downloads. The larger point is that firewalls need to be configured and continually updated to provide the best protection.

Dedicated Internet Access

At N2Net we understand what matters most when it comes to your internet service. As part of our core values, we believe your business should love your connection based on the dependability, quality, connectivity, competence and engineering of your internet Service Provider. Other internet providers may suggest a cookie cutter approach to your needs for their own convenience. We offer an array of internet service that can be adapted to fit your essential business functions. From business-class broadband to dedicated internet access services like T1, T3, or even Metro Ethernet Access—we have the right internet service mix to address your business needs.

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why Choose Dedicated Internet access?

Learn which services could be right for you and your business by exploring our blog on the differences between business class broadband and dedicated internet access.

internet-accessInternet Access

Whether you’re looking for business-class broadband services, or a dedicated T1 internet service or Metro Ethernet fiber connection, N2Net has you covered. We can provide circuits to serve your data and voice needs.

cloud-computingCloud Computing

Applications are continuing their move into the cloud. Are you following them, or are you still maintaining servers on your network? Leverage N2Net’s VMware infrastructure and make your move into the cloud!

data-centerData Center

Utilize N2Net’s boutique data center with private 5x7 and 10x10 rooms as your server’s home away from home. The data center is up 24/7; we have the SLA and 20 years in the business to back it up!

Ethernet_logoEthernet+ Plus

N2Net’s Ethernet Plus+ program allows qualifying new customers to add their own value on top of all the benefits of Metro Ethernet. With Ethernet Plus+, customers may choose an additional service to bundle at no additional cost.


With N2Desk you get a fully managed, supported, desktop for each of your employees integrated into the apps they need to do their job!