Flexible, Cost-Effective Internet Access

N2Internet is here for small and medium businesses who:

  • Have mission-critical applications residing in the cloud.
  • Are experiencing sluggish internet speeds.
  • Have moved to VoIP or are considering moving to VoIP.
  • Need guaranteed quality of service on VoIP calls.
  • Have virtualized servers or desktops.
  • Require a secondary/failover link for disaster recovery.
  • Have multiple locations which need to be connected.

N2Internet is unique in that N2Net owns and manages their own network and IP space.


Benefits of N2Internet include:

  • Dedicated access with burstable bandwidth options.
  • Direct (not resold) access to the N2Net network.
  • Static IP addresses.
  • Direct connect access to the N2Net data center.
  • Direct connect access to the N2Net voice switch.
  • Service Level Agreement on dedicated access connections.
  • Flexible contract options.

Why N2Internet?

As more business applications and services move to the cloud, internet access has now become that much more mission critical. What makes N2Internet unique is its ability to not only provide highly reliable, dedicated circuits, but also directly connect customers to N2Net’s private IP network. The N2Net network is multi-homed; utilizing multiple upstream carriers. These carriers offer multiple routes to the internet, while at the same time providing redundancy (BGP) in the event of a single carrier disruption.

N2Internet customers have multiple options from which to choose for their access, including:

  • Cable
  • T1/T3
  • Metro Ethernet
  • N2Net Ethernet Plus+

Want N2Net to manage all of your essential IT functions, so you can put your IT budget to better use? Click here to find out more about our N2Care program.


why Choose Dedicated Internet access?

Learn which services could be right for you and your business by exploring our blog on the differences between business class broadband and dedicated internet access.

internet-accessInternet Access

Whether you’re looking for business-class broadband services, or a dedicated T1 internet service or Metro Ethernet fiber connection, N2Net has you covered. We can provide circuits to serve your data and voice needs.

cloud-computingCloud Computing

Applications are continuing their move into the cloud. Are you following them, or are you still maintaining servers on your network? Leverage N2Net’s VMware infrastructure and make your move into the cloud!

data-centerData Center

Utilize N2Net’s boutique data center with private 5x7 and 10x10 rooms as your server’s home away from home. The data center is up 24/7; we have the SLA and 20 years in the business to back it up!

Ethernet_logoEthernet+ Plus

N2Net’s Ethernet Plus+ program allows qualifying new customers to add their own value on top of all the benefits of Metro Ethernet. With Ethernet Plus+, customers may choose an additional service to bundle at no additional cost.


With N2Desk you get a fully managed, supported, desktop for each of your employees integrated into the apps they need to do their job!