Expect the Unexpected

Enhanced SIP service is exactly what you've been waiting for. A built-in VoIP disaster recovery option at the carrier level.

  • No more building redundant systems with complicated call routing rules
  • No more worrying about customers calling you when storms roll in
  • Best of all, it makes you, the dealer, look even better to your client

Disastery recovery isn't just for data anymore. System dealers and clients want to know where calls are going to go when the power is out or a hurricane, fire, flood, or any other natural disaster rolls in. The reality is that most outages are the result of local hardware failures or line issues resulting from street construction.

We know how important it is to keep calls flowing, even during a hurricane (download the whitepaper here). Having a "Plan B" is also paramount when delivering both voice and data over a single data line.

At N2Net, we offer a service called "Enhanced SIP Trunking." Enhanced SIP works by setting up a mirrored Hosted PBX with the same audio recordings and any number of extensions.
The SIP trunk is then set to fail over to the hosted instance in the event of a local outage.
During an outage or disaster, calls destined for the unreachable local (primary) system are rerouted to the hosted instance. Callers hear the usual company greeting and are prompted to choose an extension.
Depending on how that extension is configured, the incoming caller will be redirected to the extension/user's cell phone, or any other external number, extension, group, etc.
Once the local system is back online, the N2Net trunk seamlessly transitions back to normal call routing.