If your company belongs to the finance industry, you’re well aware of the strict the compliance requirements to which you must adhere. In addition to the regulatory requirements you face from the S.E.C., many financial institutions face additional requirements from insurers, shareholders, and external accrediting institutions. One of the major requirements from many of these third party institutions is a written plan for disaster recovery.

While your I.T. department is likely backing up your servers, hard drives, and digital assets, who’s backing up your voice? More importantly, what happens when the phones go offline? N2Net has your disaster recovery solution.

Additionally, N2Net offers the following finance phone and internet value-added services specific to your industry:

  • Custom written IVR’s and Auto-Attendants. These are typically more complex in the finance industry than in other industries
  • Call recording for regular and conference calls
  • Phone number consolidation
  • “Set it and Forget it” reporting