Medical Internet and Phone Service

Whether you’re a hospital like Ty Cobb Health Care System, or an independent skilled nursing facility, N2Net can help. With our centralized cloud-based system focused on medical phone service, we can offer the quality of service you and your patients demand. Additionally, we realize that medical internet service is extremely important for healthcare providers to communicate in real time. 


N2Net has just launched its Continuing Care Concierge Product, offering health care and continuing care facilities: Technology Auditing, WiFi access and support, internet access services, and hosted or premise-based phone service. Supporting the growing medical internet of things (as shown above) can be a tricky task, so choose a provider who's focused on serving your specific needs.


Our team of highly experienced engineers knows what it takes to make medical phone service and medical internet work seemlessly.

We've proven our ability to deliver value to those in the healthcare field. Just take a look at this Digium case study.