Put Your IT Budget to Better Use

When someone asks what your company does, you wouldn’t say “managing information technology,” would you? If too much of your professional time and resources are spent outside your interest and expertise, and if IT issues distract you from growing your actual business, we have a suggestion: Leave your IT troubles to us, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We’ll take away the worry, frustration and considerable cost of managing your IT environment. N2Care is a Managed IT Service designed to help small and mid-sized businesses maintain healthy Local Area Networks. 


Our managed IT services solution keeps watch over your systems 24/7, and we step in the moment we discover anything amiss. In most instances, you won’t know there was ever an issue. This proactive approach to IT maintenance keeps small problems from becoming big…and expensive!

Benefits include:

  • Server Monitoring and Care
  • Desktop Monitoring and Care
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network and Security Assessments

Why N2Care?

N2Care removes the worry of managing an I.T. infrastructure. With 24/7 monitoring and management, N2Care handles it all, from the server to the desktop.

Unlike many other managed service offerings who only manage a small piece of the LAN, N2Care covers a full spectrum of technology services, including:

  • Maintaining a 24/7 watch over your entire network.
  • Proactively analyzing and identifying potential issues before they arise.
  • Remediating failing services.
  • Ensuring security patches and anti-virus protocols are current.
  • Installing patches and service packs.
  • Managing backup and restoration.

For a complete list of in-depth features and benefits of N2Care, download the PDF brochure here.

As more and more services migrate to the cloud, partnering with a Managed Service Provider who understands how to best leverage your on-premise and cloud-based technologies is what will make the difference as your business continues to grow.