Agents need to know that it's just "going to work" and work reliably

quality mattersNothing is worse than having to field calls and manage support tickets because a client is having call quality issues. Delivering quality calls over SIP is Top Priority here at N2Net.

We understand that our agents are the ones who will be receiving that support call, and we know that our agents would rather be out selling solutions than managing carrier support tickets. That's why N2Net has taken the follwing measures to ensure quality call delivery to your clients.

N2Net Engineers:

  • Require a QoS device at any location using the public Internet to route calls
  • Route calls using G.711 codec, not compressed G.729
  • Test upload speed at client sites to ensure we can deliver the number of concurrent calls they need
  • Use multipe LAN architecture options to ensure high quality voice service
  • Certify with System manufacturers for SIP interoperability

At N2Net, our Agents are our clients, so we work to keep them happy! For more information, or to become an agent today, fill out the form below.