What Would You Do if a Disaster Struck Today?

N2Rescue is both a product and a service for small to mid-sized businesses seeking to create a disaster recovery plan or modify an existing one. Once established, N2Rescue then helps execute the plan by providing the required local and virtual services.

Too many businesses (especially small and mid-sized companies) falsely assume they would be adequately prepared to survive a disaster were it to imminently strike.

Disaster recovery isn't just for data anymore.

fire_voice_disaster_recoveryThe reality is that as time passes, things change. This is especially true when it comes to technology. The disaster recovery plan you create three years ago is outdated. The one you created six-months ago probably is, too. People come and go. Local and virtual services change. If you’re not staying current with these changes as it relates to your DR plan, you’re unprepared. Having a "Plan B" is also paramount when delivering both voice and data over a single data line.

System dealers and clients want to know where calls are going to go when the power is out or a hurricane, fire, flood, or any other natural disaster rolls in. The reality is that most outages are the result of local hardware failures or line issues resulting from street construction.

N2Rescue will:

  • Assess your plan and determine its usefulness based on the disaster’s potential impact to your business.
  • Establish recovery goals.
  • Create an appropriate recovery type.
  • Verify recovery and functionality.
  • Restore original systems if needed.
  • Assess and modify upon completion.

Disaster Recovery Elements of Consideration Include:

  • LAN – Local or Virtualized
  • Network Connectivity
  • Restoration Type
  • Voice Services

Why wait for a disaster to strike, then be forced to react when you don’t have to? By working with the team at N2Net to deploy N2Rescue, you’ll sleep easier at night knowing your DR plan is current, has been tested, and works!

Download the PDF brochure here.

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