Get a Better Business Phone System

N2Voice offers clients flexible and cost-effective options for Business Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.

N2Voice for small and medium businesses who:

  • Have an older digital business phone system which is failing or no longer being supported by the manufacturer…also known as “Repair by eBay”!!
  • Are considering moving their business phone system from their office to the cloud.
  • Are currently having a poor Hosted PBX experience with another provider.
  • Are using an on-premise phone system at their location and need to lower their monthly bill from the phone company.
  • Need a disaster recovery option for their phone system.
  • Need guaranteed call quality on their VoIP calls.
  • Need to connect multiple offices to the same phone system.
phone voice services

N2Voice is unique in that VoIP services are delivered to clients over N2Net’s own IP network. Hosted PBX (N2Voice) and SIP Trunking services aren’t being resold through a third-party provider. Unlike other Voice over IP carriers, N2Voice can guarantee call quality on your VoIP calls by delivering dedicated internet/data circuits (N2Internet and N2WAN) directly to your offices, allowing you to consolidate and optimize voice and data traffic. Using N2Internet and N2WAN solutions eliminates the need to maintain separate voice and data network. You save time and money. 

Benefits of N2Voice include:

  • Univoice Hosted PBX
  • SIP Trunking
  • Disaster Recovery for Voice
  • Hybrid Hosting for IP Phone Systems

Why N2Voice?

N2Voice removes the worry of managing your business phone system in-house and reduces monthly costs by offering unlimited or custom calling plans.