Why univoice?

Univoice is N2Net’s branded Hosted PBX solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Unlike other Hosted PBX Providers, when you purchase an N2Net Univoice subscription, you're not receiving a third party’s service.

N2Net owns and manages their own voice and data network which includes an enterprise soft switch. The soft switch is an N+1 clustered server architecture. This allows N2Net’s voice switch to grow as clients fill the existing server space.

Owning and managing a voice and data network also allows N2Net clients to receive additional benefits other hosted PBX providers aren’t equipped to provide. At the top of that list is N2Net’s ability to offer Hosted PBX clients access to the N2Net network over a dedicated line like T1 or Metro Ethernet. When directly connected, clients utilizing Univoice service receive guaranteed quality of service on voice and data traffic.

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Univoice Options

Univoice isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Customers have the ability to build a Univoice solution which best fits their business.

All-Inclusive Seat

The seat option takes the guesswork out of voice because a seat includes everything for one low monthly price.

  • All HPBX Features 
  • Dedicated Phone Number (DID): phone number can be new or an existing number can be ported
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Call Path
  • IP Phone (optional)

All-inclusive seat options are great for small and medium-sized business seeking to replace an aging phone system, or move to a new system without the expensive up-front costs associated with premise-based IP Phone Systems.


For larger companies with many employees, an all-inclusive seat may not make the best financial sense. In these instances, N2Net’s Univoice can offer an alternative option to include:

  • All HPBX Features
  • Block of Phone Numbers (DIDs): phone numbers can be new or existing numbers can be ported
  • A “bucket” of minutes can be purchased based on current call volume
  • A block of call paths may be purchased to support the quantity of concurrent calls being made at any given time
  • IP Phones may be purchased or leased.

Disaster Recovery

If your business already has an IP phone system in place, consider adding Univoice as a disaster recovery option. With features like automatic SIP failover and advanced call routing, Univoice can keep your calls flowing when disaster strikes. 

To learn more about Univoice, or for a custom quote for your business, contact a Univoice Specialist today.