Business Univoice Virtual PRI

with Disaster Recovery

Traditional carriers typically sell a business PRI service that includes unlimited local calling and 23 call channels. They charge separately for long distance.

The Univoice Virtual PRI product allows telecom dealers to compete head to head against the traditional PRI and add value. Here's what the N2Net Virtual PRI product will deliver:

  • 23 channels/call paths
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited long distance
  • 25 DID's
  • 10 Enhanced* Disaster Recovery SIP Extensions

Cost: $399/mo flat-rate (BYOB - bring your own bandwidth)

Virtual PRI

The Virtual PRI can be delivered to an IP PBX via SIP, or it can be delivered as SIP to a gateway (sold separately) which will convert the SIP to PRI signaling.

The point to point circuit (T1, metroE, T3) is NOT included in the price above. 1-800 usage will also be billed separately

SIP service is used to connect an existing phone system (PBX) to N2Net's network in order to provide DID, local and long distance calling, as well as 800 and E911 services.

*Enhanced SIP service will mirror any number of extensions and auto attendants on the hosted N2Net platform. This service keeps calls flowing in the event of a system failure or disaster. Calls can be automatically rerouted via a web portal.