How SIP Trunking Works For your business

What is SIP Trunking?

Below you'll see a very simple SIP trunking diagram. In this diagram, the SIP trunk is the string between the two tin cans. SIP trunking is a service offered by an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) like N2Net that permits businesses that have a PBX installed to implement voice over IP (VoIP) to route voice traffic using the same bandwidth the Internet connection provides.

One end of the tin can is the IP or digital business phone system at the client side, and the other end is the switch here at N2Net. The string might be a broadband connection (DSL/Cable), dedicated T1 or Metro Ethernet circuit. We move the minutes just like the traditional phone company would, but in many cases, we can do it cheaper, and we can offer added flexibility for multiple office locations.

Sip trunking diagram

SIP Trunking is one of N2Net's suite of office products. With our SIP Trunking service we deliver scalable SIP Trunking Solutions for your business. Our voice and data network is redundant and secure with 24/7 access & monitoring. Additionally, N2Net offers direct connections to ILEC's, CLEC's, and multiple SIP backbones for guaranteed quality of service using SIP.

Being a Cleveland voice carrier, we offer aggressive pricing for transport and minutes with quality of service options with US-48 anywhere local & long distance calling plans. Local DID (phone number) porting capabilities in over 10,500 US markets along with toll free 800# service.

Benefits of your Business SIP Trunking with N2Net

• No minimums to get started
• Flexible to fit any size business
• Utilize your existing high speed Internet connection
• Port existing phone numbers
• Keep your existing phones and phone system
• Purchase DIDs & 800 numbers from any US location
• Inbound/Outbound service

We are the most reliable SIP Trunking provider in Cleveland!

Check out our SIP Trunk Diagram!